Aguas Calientes Salt Flat + Miscanti and Miñiques Lagoons

"A sight to behold, a soothing to the soul."

The visit to the Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons and the Aguas Calientes Sur salt flat surrounded by mountains and immersed in the silence of the Atacama high plateau allows us to be eyewitnesses of one of the most attractive natural wonders of San Pedro de Atacama. To live this experience, to contemplate these imposing lagoons, their environment, to witness the varied fauna that surrounds them, the same one that allows us to see nesting the Horned Tagua (Wari in kunza), the Chilean Flamingo, the Juarjual Ducks, the Andean Gull, the Vicuña, the Guanaco, the Andean Guanaco and the Andean Gull, the Vicuña, the Guanaco, the Vizcacha and the Zorro Culpeo among others, make this visit an incredible postcard, that no matter how many photographs are captured, you would never imagine how beautiful it could be, but until you are here, you just have to contemplate.

What fauna can we see?

FOUR BIRDS: - Andean Flamingo - James's Flamingo - Piuquen TWO MAMMALS: - Vicuña - Culeo fox

What flora can we see?

- Stipa Chrysophylla - Stipa Atacamensis - Parastrephia Lepidophylls - Acantholippia Trifida - Cristaria Andicola - Atriplex Microphylla - Fabiana Bryoides

Distances from the Salar

- Atacama Salt Flat 101 km - San Pedro de Atacama 150 km

What to bring?

- Layered warm clothing - Sunglasses - Bottled water - Camera


Failure to respect the visit order of your reservation will prevent you from fulfilling the visit as reserved and confirmed, this action does not entitle you to a refund or rescheduling of the visit.

Tour 1

  1. Aguas Calientes Salt Flat
  2. Miscanti & Miñique Lagoons

entrance fee


MINOR $8.000
ADULT $10.000
SENIOR $8.000


MINOR $13.000
ADULT $15.000
SENIOR $13.000

Any questions?

Important remarks

The reservation must be confirmed in advance through

Check-in takes place at the entrance control point in the town of Socaire, where you will be given an access ticket.

Failure to check-in at Socaire will prevent you from accessing the lagoon entry points even if your reservation is confirmed.

In both Miscanti & Miñiques Lagoons, as well as in Salar de Aguas Calientes Sur, the community of Socaire has specialized local guides who will assist you and provide the necessary information if required.